What does the word Trump mean to you? Bigot, liar, racist, womaniser, bully, egoist, etc etc. Or, patriot, truth-teller, swamp cleaner, jobs provider etc, etc. The word Trump provokes all sorts of opinions and arguments. Interestingly, in the majority of instances the work ‘Trump’ is used rather than ‘President Trump.’ One thing he has done, very successfully, is lower any respect for the post of President.

Bennett falls into the first category above but feels that the shortcomings of Trump, the President or our dear leader are clouding why he is there in the first place. Why was a man with some many shortcomings elected? He is often described as arrogant, yet it was the arrogance of the opposition, that allowed his election success to happen. It can only be described as arrogance when a political party puts forward a candidate, who was so disliked and out of touch, and felt they could win. Democrats can call out Republicans for not publically criticising Trump but where were they after the election when there was the opportunity to say ‘we chose the wrong candidate’ or ‘we need to change.’

Good leaders, politicians, people, find solutions when things have need to change. Invariably in finding that solution there needs to be a critique of what went wrong in the past (an admission of failure) and a change for the future. Democrats have not done that. Same people, same attitudes and a reliance on Trump’s failures leading to a demand for change. He was not expected to win last time and if the opposition cannot come up with something better………………………………………???


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