Be honest about yourself

I was going to write a critical piece about Hilary Clinton. I was stirred by the recent publication of her reflections about last year’s election and the unfair challenges of Comey, Bernie, emails, reminders of her husband’s previous indiscretions and voter misogyny. I have continually heard excuses and never any admission along the lines of ‘The electorate didn’t like me because I had no personality,’ ‘People saw me as dishonest and I understand why’ or ‘I shouldn’t have been a candidate.’

The feeling of humiliation must have been overwhelming. This was the experienced politician beaten by a reality show presenter who also had challenges during his campaign – little support from the mainstream press, numerous sexual harassment allegations, the Billy Bush video, support from racist organisations and a poor haircut. Okay, Hilary won the popular vote but the US does not operate a ‘first the post system’ and you cannot complain after the event.

Anyway, I read an article today which acknowledged that Hilary had been critical of herself . If this is the case, good for her. It is not always easy to critique oneself honestly. I have not read her book because I think during the election she came across as ‘It’s my turn now’ and did not offer an alternative to Trump but I feel happier that she might have acknowledged her shortcomings.

One last thing Hilary – leave 2020 to someone else!!!!!!

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