Out of the box

We appear to be living in a dangerous world with the on-going aggravation between the two children who are supposedly in charge of North Korea and the United States. I expect most observers and commentators would conclude that they are both mad egoists. Unfortunately, that is the worrying point. Although I do not expect Trump to start anything (because of the checks and balances in place – he would love to blitz his nemesis if only to get a statue put up somewhere), the same can not be said of the North Korean leader. It is time for someone to think out of the box.

My answer is simple. Encourage China to invade Korea and take over the country. It could become a province and once the situation is settled, it could be an autonomous region reflecting its history, economy and culture. If undertaken subtly, or to quote Mao ‘In waking a tiger, use a long stick’, there would be minimal loss of life, the day-to-day lives of ‘normal’ North Koreans would improve and there would be stability. Not all in South Korea would want a border with China but  as Confucius said, ‘ Recompense kindness with kindness’.

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