Another solution

Post the terrible news out of Las Vegas, the rest of the world struggles to understand why these incidents continue to happen and nothing is ever done. Bennett will not get into the debate about whether citizens should, or should not, have access to arms. There could be a way to move forward. Each gun owner has a unique registration number which a gun dealer would use to get a photo of the purchaser and see an up-to-date record of their purchases. If the customer for example, appeared to be running up an arms cache, the sale could be declined. At gun shows, a seller would need a laptop and internet to do the same thing – not an impossibility these days. I am sure the ‘live free’ brigade would argue that this would mean ‘federal’ control. However, they forget that a government has a duty to keep all of its citizens safe, so everyone can ‘live free’.

One final point for the debate that will take place over the next few weeks. There are other countries that have liberal gun laws or accessibility to firearms is not restricted. Why do these incidents not take place as often in these countries……………………???

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