I promised myself I wouldn’t do this……

Let’s get it out there……

Trump only cares about one person – himself. The importance of the Presidential office, telling the truth, the daily challenging predicaments of millions of Americans, the world in general, he is not interested. But, this is his weakness and will be his downfall. Most really rich people are quite open about their wealth. Their earnings, companies, interests are an open book. If Trump is as rich as he says he is, he would be the first person to brag about it and provide the evidence of his success and material prosperity. He can’t, so he lies about it instead. He was banking on his stint in the White House to improve the success of his companies and other investments. What he did not expect, was the significant scrutiny the leader of a democracy undergoes, mainly because he did not understand the role. He thought he would be up there, on an equal footing with Putin, Duterte and Xi Jinping, saying and doing what he wanted, and not having to answer anyone. He has been shocked to learn that Americans don’t always believe what he says or do as he asks. For that reason, he will bow out at the end of his one term saying (lying) that he has achieved what he wanted. Once out of office, and he will not be able to help himself, he’ll start to brag about how much cleverer he was than everyone else and how he used the office to improve his businesses and make money. He’ll boast how he duped his supporters because they were not as smart as him and made fools out of the Washington elite. He will not be able to resist and that is when he’ll dig himself the legal and constitutional hole that he will not be able to get out of, or……………………………………………………………… he’ll choke on his dentures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Either way, he will lose.

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