Urban Nomad

Chelsea Football Club have appointed former Vodafone boss Guy Laurence as their new chief executive. While at Vodafone his management was seen as unconventional because he got rid of desks for employees and landline telephones. They all had a draw in a filing cabinet for their paperwork and used a hot desk with the mobile phones and laptops. Meetings were conducted in the company coffee shop. Guy felt that the traditional approach to company offices was not relevant to Generation Y. Although I agree with his view that ‘cultural change’ in businesses is a good thing, I think everyone benefits and adapts, not just Generation Y. I look to expand this ‘change’ to all aspects of life.

Bennett does not have an office. I undertake work on planes, trains, coffee-shops, taxis, my apartment, restaurants, hotels and diners. It ensures I make the best use of time and use minimal amounts of paper. I use these venues to hold meetings and meet people. This is a familiar working lifestyle for many people today but I have transferred the same principal to other aspects of my life. I exercise differently everyday. It always includes some aspects of running, jumping, weights, cycling, high-intensity interval training and other approaches but never the same two days running. Consequently, my body is unable to ‘coast’ which is the case if you exercise the same way every day. As an approach it is helpful when visiting the gym. The treadmills are all being used and so are the rowing machines. Great, let’s do something else. I vary my meals in the same way, visiting different restaurants and diners as well as eating divergent things at home and at unfamiliar times. I have trained myself to sleep in dissimilar situations so that strange hotel beds do not prevent rest. I can work with just three and four hours sleep when having to get up early to get to an airport but can rest in bed for eight plus hours when I have the opportunity. This is important as sleep enables us to reinvigorate, build resistance and prevent injuries. These are just s few examples of my urban nomad existence – I apply the challenge to vacations, methods of travel, dressing, grooming and other lifestyle choices.

Being my ‘own boss’ enables me to function as an urban nomad, working, living, and socialising in many different places. However, it is not impossible to include some of the things I have mentioned in a more traditional workplace. It is about deciding to do unconventional things that suit your working habits and lifestyle so you can fulfil the goals you have set for yourself. Do not copy the things I do, they suit me. Become your own urban nomad.

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