Strange priorities – Brexit supporters and the NRA

The world does not understand the US and guns. How does a major industrialised nation, the supposed leader of the western world, allow such appalling loss life to firearms? Enhanced background checks have been a major sticking point. Again, the rest of the world believes that if you are going to allow many in the adult population to own guns, it does not seem too unreasonable to check whether they are a potential terrorist, have a criminal record or history of mental illness. The NRA argues that enhanced background checks are an infringement of individual liberties and freedom (nothing to do with worrying about a decline in gun sales if the are harder to get?). Many of those who support Brexit, offer a similar argument – not so much individual freedom, but membership of the EU lessens national sovereignty and a countries’ right (the UK) of self-determination. Interestingly, no complaints from either party about social media. Lack of privacy, identity theft, misuse of information, personal attacks are all examples of personal liberties being challenged and are similar reasons that people argue against the EU or enhanced background checks. On top of this, social media can be a conduit for terrorism, child abuse and other illegal activities. In the case of the United Kingdom, social media is probably more of a threat than staying in the EU.

Children being murdered is even worse. Under successive Presidents not enough has been done by legislators many of whom, are sponsored by the NRA. Note the NRA’s complete lack of sympathy. Typical. So righteous.

Of course, social media is not all bad – I’m using it now! My point, which I have probably not made very clearly, is that aspects of social media are a significant threat to all countries yet is ignored by those who like to defend rights, sovereignty and individual liberties. The NRA prefers to defend the Second Amendment by claiming ‘more’ federal interference while ignoring fundamental ‘interference’ through social media and  Brexiteers believe their sovereignty is being threatened but are  happy with Facebook and Twitter. Bizarre.

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