Russia, smoke and mirrors

Russia has a very weak economy compared to many Western nations. Outside of Moscow there are shortages in basic foods such as milk and bread. If the US and Europe wanted to stop Russia interfering in elections or acting as the deliver of death in Syria, they could do so in a couple of days by instigating strict and harsh sanctions. Why doesn’t this happen? Clearly, Mr Putin holds something over Trump. For someone who likes nothing more than exuding power and control it is obvious that he is scared, despite him claiming that he would have run (yes run) unarmed into a school to tackle a gunman!! Let’s face it, he is a former draft dodger who talks a good story – so what does Putin have over him? Follow the money. It is in the public domain that Russians with dubious criminal backgrounds have used him as a money launderer. The extent of the laundering is up for debate but clearly there is enough for Trump to worry more about himself than children being killed in Syria.

What’s Europe’s excuse around not dealing with Russia? I don’t know. The second most popular air route in Russia is to London. The amount of Russian money swilling around the British capital is significant and one assumes that upsetting the Russian guests so they withdraw their funds could have a significant negative impact on property prices and the capital’s economy. Meanwhile children die and democracy is disrupted.

Maybe Mr Putin has something on Mrs May? Emmmmmmmmm…….

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