Which tunnel would you choose?

If I made you an offer which went as follows, what would you do? There are two tunnels ahead of you. Entering one, makes no change to your life whatsoever. Entering the other, means uncertainty, possible lowering or loss of income, unclear future in terms of employment for you and your family OR, things could get better. There is not indication about which tunnel leads to which scenario – your choice? How comfortable would you be about this?

Try answering this question? Can you tell the time? I expect so? Do you know how a watch works?

These are my analogies for the EU referendum held in the UK. Forget the pros and cons for remaining or leaving, how easy is it for anyone to understand forty-seven years of social, political, legal, cultural and business integration? None of these complexities were explained during the for or against campaign. The focus was on outliers such as immigration rather than how much leaving could cost or whether the country might actually be poorer? A referendum sounds like a good idea – everyone gets to vote, democracy at its purest. And, it can work if the vote is about simple, straightforward issues. Should we allow smoking in restaurants or ban large drinks with excessive sugar in them? We vote for politicians to make decisions for us as they have time to investigate and pursue the important issues – interestingly, the British Parliament would have probably elected to stay in the EU!

In life we also have to make decisions. Sometimes it is appropriate to involve others, in other instances, it can make things worse. Leaders are paid to make decisions. Parents have to decide things for their children – deciding when and how is often the biggest challenge.

Try not to be like David Cameron the Prime Minister who introduced the referendum because he was to scared to take another approach. His decision will haunt him and Britain for a long time.

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