Premier League owners are daft!

To own or part-own a Premier League football club you have to be seriously loaded. Unless you are Roman Abramovich, who stole his wealth during the post-glasnost chaos in Russia, most owners or investors have been successful people who would have made difficult decisions that enabled their businesses to grow. Why do they lose this nous when they run a football club? Bottom club West Bromwich Albion employed Alan Pardew who failed at a number of clubs previously and most recently, Southampton have just employed Mark Hughes who was sacked from, wait for it, Stoke City, who are currently second from bottom in the Premier League. The numbers (data) available on Hughes indicate that he is not likely to inspire ‘new manager bounce.’ With this in mind, why would anybody employ him to rescue a club spiralling downwards? In addition, he is allowed to bring his buddies with him as assistants who were part of his previous failure. Sir Alex Ferguson had his flaws but he realised that using the same assistants continuously was uninspiring for the players and often meant that training became stale and lacked innovation. Additionally, he liked his own thinking to be challenged. Both Hughes and Pardew are arrogant, full of their own importance and do not doubt their ability. It would seem they are able to con experienced business people to employ them despite it going against practice they would employ in their business lives which would certainly include looking at the track records of potential employees. Given the data now available in professional football, would it not be worth employing an up-and-coming manager from one of the lower leagues? It would be a risk but less costly and could turn out to be an inspirational move.

When asked about advice on important management strategies Sir Alex identified ‘getting rid of the c**ts’ as they brought negativity to team culture and drained energy. It is about time that club boards took Sir Alex’s advice and stopped employing the c**ts.

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