The Brexit Bandits

The past is important as long as you do not stare at it! Brexit has happened – what can we learn from it? Let’s look at two men who were major influences on the result. Firstly, David Cameron. To satisfy the critics in his party he called the referendum. He insisted on just yes or no. Unfortunately, it was not that simple as we have seen with concerns from the business community, the collapse in the value of the pound and the predicted chaos if the UK leaves without a deal with the EU. Nigel Farage, the mouth of the Leave campaign is really good at shouting about leaving the EU but never offers and solutions to ‘how’. That is how complex it is – not a yes or no.

The next Bandit is Ed Balls. Happy to stab his brother in the back to gain leadership of the Labour Party he then introduced rules making it too easy to join the party. Result – Jeremy Corbyn became leader of the opposition as a result. There is plenty of evidence indicating that people from a range of political persuasions joined the Labour Party to ensure that the worst leader possible was elected. Consequently, the opposition is unelectable and can not contribute to determining the Brexit process. Leaving the UK is now in the hands of one bickering political party.

Do these Bandits sleep at night?

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