The vast majority of people are good

It is very easy in these disruptive times through the US and Europe to wonder ‘what the world is coming too.’ Both sides of the political coin look to portray the opposition in the worst possible way or countries are judged by the behaviour and ideas of their political leaders. Let me reassure Europeans that people in the US are nothing like the three-year-old in the White House and folks in the US that Russians are generally not thieves like the con-man in the Kremlin. A person falls over in London, Buffalo, St Petersburg or Berlin. People gather round looking to help. A disaster occurs, people rush to help, often not caring about their own lives, wanting to support, East or West. People across the world are the same. Hardworking, wanting to provide for their families, help neighbours and enjoy life. Of course there are bad people who are cruel, exploit the weaknesses of others and behave in appalling ways. However, in reality they represent a very tiny proportion of their country’s or world population. Let’s remember this.

Okay, if there are all these good people around, why do idiots get elected? Valid point. The answer is, that most people do not have time to reflect on what every politician stands for. Additionally, because most people are decent, they give politicians, yes even politicians, the benefit of the doubt. If your community feels ‘forgotten’ it us understandable that you might vote for someone who says they will do something for you and your family. If a young person hears that a political leader is going to provide free higher education that young person and their friends will be tempted to vote for that leader without thinking about how this offer is going to be paid for.

The downside is that political leaders have more than one agenda and once elected, some agendas become more important than others. If only politicians were like real people………

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