A Jealous Guy

Over the last few days, the good and great of the US have taken time to celebrate the life of John McCain. Meanwhile, President Trump has skulked around the White House and disappeared to one of his golf courses. Despite this indifference, Trump hopes he will eventually be held in the same regard, receive the same respect and the same love. A modern American hero.

No chance. Trump will become as ridiculed as Hitler – the moustache, the hair flopping over his eyes and the arm waving. With Trump, it’ll be the golden mop, the orange face, denture malfunctions and notes with huge lettering because glasses suggest weakness. There will not be any statues for people to visit, no buildings in his name – unless of course, he pays for some of these himself?

Actors and comedians will wear fat suits and long red ties. The hair will look like Cossack hats and speeches will be confused. Cheap laughs for children in the future who’ll find it difficult to believe that someone who ‘glowed’ was elected US president.

Donald you are not Hitler. Nothing like him. But you are no Lincoln, Kennedy or Obama. You are a spoilt three-year-old. John McCain was no saint and by his own admission, made a lot of mistakes. Sarah Palin anyone? However, he argued over ideas, not people’s gender, race or religion. He did not need to use insults.

There’s still time to change Donald or you’ll just be a jealous guy.

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