When something creaks

Shock, horror, a former Nazi supporting political party has made significant gains in the recent elections in Sweden. This is a Scandinavian country ‘held-up’ as a model of social stability, offering a good standard of living and a warm welcome to visitors. Sweden has a population of around ten million so 200,000 asylum seekers since 2015 is bound to have an impact in terms of integration. The country began to creak. This is a position constantly exploited by nationalist political parties. The supporters of Brexit in the UK focused on exactly the same issue. They have not offered a jot in terms of definite answers around the future of trade, travel, security, research, policing (the list goes on) with their European neighbours and largest trading partner.

Trump exploited aspects of ‘creakiness’ in US society. Declining industries, stagnation in blue collar pay and a belief that no one in Washington cared. How did the Dems respond? Offer a candidate that represented the failure to deal with the the elements of the country that were creaking.

If something is not working, change the approach or address the issues that prevent it from being successful. The approach is the same whether one is talking about a country, a business or a family group. Amazon is seen as one of the most successful companies on the planet. Love ’em or hate ’em their success is not just a result of luck. They spend a phenomenal amount of money on research and development, encourage ideas and work to resolve the creaks in their work.

When something creaks – mend it or pay the consequences.

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