The Brexit Tricksters

In many myths, the fox is seen as a trickster. They are cunning and resourceful . Let’s look at some of the Brexit foxes – Rees-Mogg, Dyson, Johnson and Farage. Despite the evidence provided by economists, the business community, government agencies and the concerns of friends and allies, they slink around posing a significant threat to the people they encouraged to vote for leaving the EU. They have no answers to what will happen after the UK has left the EU other than banal comments about ‘we’ll be masters of our destiny’ or ‘every country in the world will want to trade with us.’

There is nothing to support this but they do not care. The pound could tumble and become weak and unstable. The country is in limbo and there will be disruption to supply chains and a long list of consequences. For the ordinary person, normal goods become more expensive. Exported goods could actually cost more which might lead to job losses and higher unemployment. Transport routes are likely to be disrupted. Bizarrely, regions in the UK that fell for the Brexit foxes tricks and lies are likely to be the most affected. No matter, Rees-Mogg, Dyson, Johnson and Farage will not lose their jobs and are wealthy enough maintain their current standards of living.

Why? These old foxes went to school when the world map is covered in pink. They see themselves as Churchillian even though he was in favour of closer European unity. They cannot stand the idea that the UK has to work with others and sometimes even take notice of what others say. Nigel Farage is still taking a salary from the EU and will receive a pension. What hypocrisy.

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